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Fruits and vegetables grown in Japan and sold in the Philippines

  • Apples

    In Season: Jan. - Dec.

  • Japanese pears

    In Season: July - Oct.



Japanese apples come in many colors, from brilliant crimson to pale green. Abundantly juicy, with a perfect balance of sweetness, they have a delightfully crisp texture. They keep well, allowing for a long tasting season, and are rich in potassium and dietary fiber.

Japanese pears

Japanese pears are famous for their crunchy texture and mouthwa tering, sweet flavor. Some varieties are green and others light brown, but both are succulent and gently sweet.

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To prevent counterfeiting, the tags provided by the Japan Fruit and Vegetable Export Promotion Council use HiddenTag® with distribution management functionality provided by the Japan Distribution Management Support Organization.In addition to Google and Apple, the tags are also compatible with WeChat, thus minimizing the risk of consumers believing the tags are counterfeit and purchasing counterfeit products.

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